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All commands included in Advanced Portals are listed below along with their permissions.

Note: all /portal commands can also be used with /advancedportals or /aportals instead.

Same goes for all /destination commands can be used with /desti

Also if you want blocks such as nether portals not to break when being placed you will need to define the portal before placing them. This is so the physics updates know not to mess with vanilla portals being broken or other plugins :)

Portal Command

Usable Alias: /portal /ap /portals /aportal /advancedportals

/portal create (tags...)

Permission: advancedportals.portal

This command is used to create a portal. The behaviour of the portal can be determined by the tags given (see list below), but a name must tag must always be given name:some_name_here

As a side note, make sure to check the triggerblock: has been set if you are not using nether portal blocks. These are blocks that you need to be INSIDE so blocks such as water and even cobwebs will work, but cobblestone will not be a suitable triggerblock.

For a list of tags and info, check out the tags page.

/portal selector or /portal wand

Permission: advancedportals.createportal

This gives you the mighty portal axe, if UseOnlyServerMadeAxe is true then this one will still work, but the normal iron axe will still be available to be used in survival for admins. (instead of always trying to make portals)

/portal portalblock

Permission: advancedportals.portal

Gives you a portal block that you can build with. (If the rotation is in the wrong place one next to it and then replace it to get the right rotation)

/portal endportalblock

Permission: advancedportals.portal

Gives you an end portal block that you can build with.

/portal gatewayblock

Permission: advancedportals.portal

Gives you an end gateway block that you can build with.

/portal disablebeacon (portalname)


Needs DisableGatewayBeam to be set to true in the config. Though also triggers on create or chunk load. This is just a backup method.

/portal select

Permission: advancedportals.createportal

After the command is entered, punch inside a portal region, and it will select that portal.

/portal unselect

Permission: advancedportals.createportal

Use to remove the current portal selection. (as it can mess with certain commands)

/portal remove

Permission: advancedportals.removeportal

Enter this command to destroy a portal with a set name. If the argument is left blank, it will destroy the currently selected portal.

/portal help

Displays the help message.

Destination Command

Usable Alias: /desti /destination

Permission (applies to all): advancedportals.desti

/desti create

This the command creates a new destination with the location data from your player (your player position and direction your facing).

/desti remove

Remove a destination with a specific name. (portals will still attempt to warp to this name but say no destination exists)

/desti list

A list of created destinations.

/desti warp (desti name)

Teleport to the named destination.