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Tutorial Intro

Here is a YouTube video made by LtJim007 explaining the basics.

In summary: you can create destinations for your portals with /desti, and create portals to them with /portal create (tags...). You will need to provide a trigger element for your portals, for example water / lava / nether swirls, and replace the inside of your portal with it for the portal to function.

Here's a step by step guide.

  1. Create your fancy portal in a standard Minecraft fashion. Leave the portion where the portal itself will be empty.

  2. Go to the location you want your portal to transport players to. Run /desti create name-of-destination.

  3. Go back to your portal. Take an iron axe (the special portal tool, by default: configurable). Left-click in the upper left of the portal, and right-click in the bottom right of the portal.

  4. Run /portal create name:name-of-your-portal desti:name-of-destination triggerblock:name-of-trigger-element. This is a basic example - more options can be found on the tags page.

  5. Replace the empty air in your portal with your trigger element by running /fill bottom-right-coords upper-right-coords trigger-element. The coordinates should have shown up in chat when you left-and-right-clicked with the iron axe.

  • If your portal isn't rectangular: try /filling the area with glass or another block, breaking the glass in the shape of the portal, and then /fill the area again with your transportation trigger block. Then break the remaining glass.

If you mess up, you can run /desti remove name-of-destination and /portal remove name-of-portal to remove a destination and a portal, respectively.